Ode to Moms

An Ode (Owed) to Moms...
dear Mom,
I know I made you nuts
when I smeared chocolate in my bed
or poured some mayo on my head
or crayoned up our outside door
(and, that’s when I was only four!)
at six I wouldn’t brush my teeth
and daily picked my nose
at nine I shaved our dog’s long hair
at ten, I wore your clothes
and threw your shoes into my bath
and drowned them, I suppose..
at twelve I practiced “no!” and “can’t!”
and used them in a daily rant
no matter what you did or said
I counter-acted with my head
my clothes all strewn across the floor
with tons of things stuffed in my drawer
then thirteen came with swingin’ moods
and often snarky attitudes
when I got what us girls get then
and I refused to wash my hair
or sometimes put on underwear
that I had worn three days before
the nights I came back home at three
my breath consumed with J&B
you wondered if I’d lost it yet
at seventeen? a fair sure bet
I binged old movies every night
while you screamed, “missy...
shut that light!”
and I said sure, a lie, no doubt
till three AM when I passed out
then college bound and into grass
and jeans that would enhance my ass
I passed, I failed, I passed again
(depending on my nights with men!)
but when that graduation came
you cried when they announced my name

you stood with me through every mess
and cheered me on to each success
so through these years I’ve never stopped
embracing all those things you did
to take that naughty little kid
and make me who I am today
to grow a family of my own
or choose my path perhaps alone
and as I see what you went through
with all my friends and their kids too
I know that you are never far
(while even watching from a star)
so how’d you like to spend this day?
let’s order Chinese takeout...and watch
Fifty Shades of Grey
Happy Mom’s Day to all you divine Mom’s out there...

Our Curators and their moms!

Our Curators and their moms!

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