Republicans quietly push mail-in voting despite Trump claims

Vote 2020, whether a Democrat or Republican is on your radar for November. We can appreciate the fact that mail-in voting is safe and was utilized in 2016. We've been following the news and studied the effects of the mail-in voting process. It is no new topic for us in the Silver Community and we encourage you to vote! We are putting all Silvers on notice that your vote counts and our democracy needs a significant turnout this fall.  Our own Contributor, Cynthia Adler articulates her passion in a video posted on our site for inspiration in "you gotta vote man"

Read the story: "Even Trump’s own campaign is encouraging absentee voting, which the president claims are different. 

Tens of millions of Americans will cast their ballot for president by mail this year — many in Republican-dominated states and swing states where Republican turnout is crucial for Trump — as the coronavirus outbreak keeps Americans at home. And it won’t be the first time. More than 33 million Americans — nearly 1 in 4 — voted by mail in Trump’s election in 2016." excerpted from Politico 


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  • Dana Dolan

    Please let people know that due to the slow down in the Post Office they need to get their ballots in the mail by October 20th.

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