This week we herald a new era of civility.

We applaud the Biden-Harris administration in ushering in a return to respect, kindness, empathy and civility in our public discourse.  Let’s turn towards our neighbors and strangers from all parties and stripes with an outstretched hand, a listening ear, and a smile to help our nation heal – together. 

We all know that putting common good above personal interests only makes us stronger.  It makes us more successful as a people and as a nation.  Now is the time to make simple individual sacrifices – starting with wearing masks in public – for the common good.  

We envision a movement of Silvers for Civility, drawing upon our experience and wisdom to set positive examples for one another and help unite our country.  President Biden said in his Inaugural speech, “And we’ll lead, not merely by the example of our power, but by the power of our example.”

Silvers have a profound opportunity at this challenging time in our country to use the power of our example for the greater good.

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