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Introduction by Gail Bruce 

I was first introduced to Brenda Lee by my dear and longtime friend, jewelry designer, Jan Michaels. What fun we had the first evening we were all together! The next time Jan and Brenda made a trip into NY for the fashion trade shows, I made it a point to check out her brand, Cupcake International. I was immediately impressed with her fun and interesting designs. I could not wait to add her to the HipSilver community. We are beginning with one of her staples – a beautifully cut blouse offered in white and black that you can customize to your color palette by selecting what color you would like the buttons to be. We will be adding garments as they become available. Keep tuned - you are in for a treat!

About This Designer

We at HipSilver are always excited to add our talented friends into the fold -- so of course we’re very happy to finally be featuring Cupcake International on the site! We love Cupcake because of their keen eye for detail and the care they put into making their products. Production is very focused and sustainable by handcrafting, such as buttons and hand printed fabric, allowing for lovely, delicate designs! Brenda Lee, founder and designer, draws much of her inspiration from travelling, specifically from Thailand and Vietnam. Much like the designs, Cupcake sells its products through businesses worldwide and collaborates with many museums nationally in their storefronts (such as the Japanese American National Museum, Peabody Essex Museum, Art Institute of Chicago, and many more). Cupcake was actually key in museums beginning to sell clothing, by suggesting garments that do not need dressing rooms, and then collaborating to create designs that reflect incoming exhibits.

Cupcake is an endlessly interesting brand whose values revolve around fashion and functionality for first class ladies of all ages! This brand does an amazing job of incorporating their love of Asian-inspired clothing, costuming, attention to detail, and comfort to create lovely looks that translate perfectly to so many different situations and stores. Brenda Lee believes “clothes are magic’ and we think that’s especially true of hers!

Brenda Lee- Owner, Creator and Ceo of Cupcake International

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