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Claudia Colli Smith

I have known Andy Morrell, the owner, and creator of the HIHO line of tropical clothing, for many years and have been a fan of his clothing line since he opened his first British Virgin Islands store. I have several of his pieces in my wardrobe, including great beach cover-ups and smart linen shirts and slacks. For me, HIHO is the go-to place for gifts whether it is a distinctive tee-shirt for one of my sons or a gift with a Caribbean flair for a friend. I am pleased to bring HIHO’s cool and stylish clothing and accessories to HipSilver, a new and special audience.

Introducing: HIHO

With fair weather on the horizon, it’s time to think of sunny climes, tropical breezes, and the chance to step into clothing perfect for sunny days, a tropical vacation, or a Caribbean cruise.

Clothing designer and entrepreneur, Andy Morrell, was raised in the British Virgin Islands, a classic Caribbean isle set against a backdrop of emerald green mountains, palm trees, and white sand beaches. Growing up with an affinity for anything water, Andy became an avid windsurfer, traveling the world on the pro circuit. Capitalizing on his success, he acquired the HIHO (Hook In and Hold On), a popular windsurfing tournament which attracted a dedicated following of professional and amateur windsurfers.  

The tee-shirts and accessories he sold at the tournament became so popular he expanded the line, and his market, from its BVI origins to a rapidly expanding brand of cool and comfortable tropical clothing for men and women, available in the US and throughout the Caribbean.

“Our HIHO clothing is based on the tropical lifestyle we love so much, and is influenced by our pristine environment and island life,” explains Andy, whose wife, Fran, and two boys share Andy’s love for water and sailing.

HipSilver founder, Gail Bruce, who has a home in the British Virgin Islands, and resort curator, Claudia Colli, are pleased to showcase this one-of-a-kind line of tees, cover-ups and cool cotton and linen apparel on HipSilver.

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