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Introduction by Yvonne Durant

We are honored to have Yvonne Durant join our team as our HipSilver Beauty Curator. Yvonne has had a very successful career in advertising, working with beauty companies around the world. We invite you to visit 'Our Team' to view her biography. She is a true HipSilver beauty and is bringing her knowledge, taste and eye for great products to help the Silver Generation look their best.

Yvonne's first "Showcase" is White Hot Hair. All of us at HipSilver with white hair have tried this incredible shampoo and we love it. Hope you will too. - Gail Bruce, Founder/CEO

About This Designer

Jayne Mayled, the founder of White Hot Hair is a remarkable woman. Born in England of Welsh descent Jayne began her career working in PR and marketing for luxury cosmetic brands Dior and Yves Saint Laurent. She then joined Boots in health and beauty marketing, becoming a communications director leading all internal and external communications. In 2006 Jayne joined True Story, a creative agency for retail and brands, as their Managing Director. Two years later Jayne bought the company.

Jayne, as a self-proclaimed beauty addict, decided to embrace her natural grey hair. She could not find a shampoo product that lived up to her standards, so she decided to create her own and White Hot Hair was born in 2013.  Jayne says,"grey hair used to be associated with ‘letting yourself go’ but times have changed. We need to think about grey hair as just another color choice. Grey is aspirational in fashion, interiors, and beauty, so why not for hair?"

"Age and experience is a beautiful thing and embracing my natural grey and white hair has been hugely liberating. This is a message we need to pass on to the next generation - we live in such an image-conscious society, but we need to ensure that our daughters and granddaughters aren’t afraid of growing older and can see the benefits that experience brings.”

Jayne's daughter lives with her in London while she studies drama in college. They are looked after by Teddy, pictured with Jayne in her beautiful English garden.  Jayne Mayled is breaking mores, embracing age and maturity with dignity and pride. She is setting an example for future Silver Generations. She is making white hair "Hip".

HipSilver is proud to be selling White Hot Hair well into the future. Get it for yourself or gift it to a grey/white-haired friend.

They will be thrilled.

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