A story that explains the importance of exercising your mind...

We've discovered that as we age, our bodies aren't the only thing they need to exercise, but the brain too should be kept strong and healthy. This article shares three ideas on how to activate your frontal lobe Focus and Filter, Think innovatively, and Compassion. It is always a welcome story for us to read and share with you. 

Mid-life is a great time to tune in to our brain’s performance. Imagine the possibilities if you could combine the speed and flexibility of your younger brain with the wisdom and efficiency of your brain today. I’m here to say that it’s possible, and the way to do it is by engaging your frontal lobe functions.

The frontal lobe sits just above our eyes, inside the skull. It represents about one-third of the whole brain and serves to orchestrate our capacity to reason, think abstractly, innovate, and integrate our higher-level thinking. It is our brain’s command center.

It is the last part of the brain to fully develop. Even more crucially, its dynamic power allows us to think smarter, more efficiently, and more deeply as we age. Perhaps this is why it is sometimes referred to as the “seat of wisdom.”

In short, it is entirely possible to have the speed of processing of a younger-working brain as well as the wisdom and experience that comes with age – the best of both worlds!

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