Angelita Ferro

Introduction by Gail Bruce

As Founder and CEO of HipSilver - I have been looking forward to the day I could introduce HipSilver’s “Contributor” concept. As you may have noticed in our Community section, we have a category called “How to Contribute” where we encourage you, our audience, to become a Contributor. HipSilver’s expert Curators welcome your help in finding and recommending unique, helpful, and stylish products for the HipSilver community. Product submissions can range from Art to Wellness and, if accepted by the Curatorial Team, will generate a 5% commission for the Contributor.

I am more than delighted to welcome our first Contributor, Angelita Ferro. She is a wellness enthusiast from Santa Fe, New Mexico with strong knowledge about natural and organic products for strengthening the mind, body, and spirit. Angelita, thank you for introducing HipSilver to Elizabeth Bloom and her incredible essential oils: Elizabeth’s Essentials.  

Angelita Ferro 

As HipSilver’s first Contributor, I would like to introduce you to Elizabeth Bloom, D.H.M., D.I. Hom., the most important Wellness advisor I have turned to for over twenty-five years. Her background in healthcare, homeopathy, naturopathy, spirituality, and positive philosophy is fully expressed in the way she conducts herself and lives her life. She is a pioneer of the “positive thinking, right action movement” and has been a natural healthcare provider for the past 40+ years.

Elizabeth is a true believer in the effectiveness of medicinal plants and their properties to aid the body return to a balanced state and maintain that balance in a natural way. Elizabeth’s essential oils are a powerhouse of wellness in a beautiful apothecary bottle.

Elizabeth Essentials is a complete line of essential oil remedies, formulated and hand blended by Elizabeth. I have been using these handcrafted, ethically and sustainably sourced organic or wild-craftedl oils for the past 18 years and to this day they are my go-to for overall wellness in my mind, body, and spirit.