Robert Rokoff 

Introduction by John Maroney 

I have known Robert Rokoff for nearly twenty-five years. I still remember meeting him and his lovely sister, Sandy. At the time, I was working in every creative capacity between interiors, window dressing, and selling interior products at Niedermaier, windows at Ad Hoc Home, and services at fashion shows including Diesel, Halston, Richard Mishaan, and Ghost. The 90’s hipsters were here to make an impact.

It was a such a small world of art-meets-fashion and daily luxury. The nineties were all about fashionable experiences that you included in your everyday repertoire. We talked about supermodels like Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista and music sensations such as Madonna, Janet Jackson, and George Michael. It was electric to be creative in New York and so was Robert’s line.

Today, he continues his love of accessories at TMRW studios sourcing collections, selling, and designing. We are thrilled to have this HipSilver on board, ready for the next fashion accessories jump-point at HipSilver.

Robert Rokoff 

All my life, it has been about hair. Hair this, hair that! From crewcut to spiked, it has always been a topic of conversation. So, I decided to name my site “silver fox”, a term that’s been used to describe me many times. As you can see, it always goes back to the hair!

Salt and pepper are spices; they are also a hip hop act of the past. In today’s terms, however, “silver fox” seems more relevant than ever since our evening news is anchored by Anderson Cooper, another “silver fox” so they say.

No matter where I go, who I’m with, or what I say, it always goes back to the hair, my “silver hair” that is.

People are always asking me why I’m such a “culture vulture”. I guess I just like to fill up my world with as much culture, music, and art as I can fit into my busy life. I hope to share some of my discoveries, explorations, and adventures from wherever I go around this great city and beyond.