A Solar Eclipse on Friday the 13th!?

Feelings, emotions and love are Cancer’s long suit. So you can expect this Friday’s Solar Eclipse to help you rediscover yourself, your truth, your emotional core and be happy as a clam about it!

Think empathy, abundance, compassion, happiness…because they’ll be in the air on Friday, when a transformational energy lets your emotions loose to help you lay new foundations under your dreams and receive newfound strength to make them into reality.

Poor Friday the 13th! It is much maligned and for a long-unnecessary reason.

It got a bad rep because it was on this date in 1307 when a greedy king and a conniving Pope arrested all Knights Templar in a single day, in an attempt to steal their fabled fortune.

Much as I love the tales of the Knights Templar, and often have them as characters in my books, unless you are a current Templar Knight in thrall to the past, I think you no longer need worry about Friday the 13th. Especially not this one!

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