Meet Our Curators

They are stylish, they are active, and they are involved. These men and women are the trusted Hipsilver Curators. Considered experts in their fields, they use their years of experience to make careful selections of unique products and excellent content.

Emily Koltnow

Rashid Silvera

Claudia Colli Smith

Mary Robertson

Robert Rokoff

Gail Bruce

Charles Goodwin

Judith Boyd

Cathy Cash Spellman

Bibi Jordan

Janet Forman

John Maroney

Cynthia Adler

Elizabeth Bloom

Barbara Ligeti

Susan Joyce Proctor

Morning Slayter

HipSilver Contributors

Ellen Sherman

Geoffrey Menin

John Henry Cox

Carol Hyatt

Billy Hayes

Angelita Ferro

Yvonne Durant

Monte Matthews

Robin Hillard

Soli Pierce

Beryl Bender-Birch

Roxanne Duval