Self Defense with Bob Martin


by Gail Bruce

I wanted to come up with a way to teach people how to defend themselves if they turned a corner and walked into an unexpected situation. I brought it up with my assistant, and she introduced me to Master Bob Martin, the head of Unified Force Martial Arts. I fell in love with his skill at our first meeting; within moments, he taught me three simple tricks to protect myself from aggressors. I’m ecstatic to bring his wisdom to HipSilver!


They Have to Give You Something to Get Something

Cleaning Off The Ants




How to Go Down On The Ground


HipSilver Defense Final Cut

Thank You

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  • Ferdie Uson

    “Great video and instruction. of course, I’m a little bias Grandmaster Bob Martin is not only a very good friend of mine but also one of my mentors in the Martial Arts” Ferdie Uson

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