We have a fun and intelligent way that is fun for gift giving and making a special note of preserving our planet for future generations.

By Janet Forman

Remember that childhood fantasy where the swipe of a magic wand anointed you a member of the nobility? Now that dream can come true! A quirk in Scottish law allows Highland Titles to bestow the title of Lord, Lady, or Laird (the Scots equivalent of Lord) at the touch of a keystroke, our 21st century ‘magic wand.’

’My husband and I are now Lord Thomas Emmert Houghton and Lady Janet Forman, and my brother is Dr. Michael Roy Forman, Laird of Glencoe. With a Master of Deeds or Deed Poll, a legal document that provides evidence of a wish to change your name, these titles can be added to bank accounts, credit cards, anything but government issued documents. (We’ve heard tales of flight upgrades stemming from these name changes!)

Here’s how it works: Through Highland Titles you can buy from one to 1,000 square feet of land in the Scottish Highlands, the ‘estate’ that grants you this title. As a gift, it checks all the boxes; bestowing joy, surprise, bragging rights, and unless your circle is wildly modest, not something most people already posses. Its Green credentials are unsurpassed as the money goes toward conservation projects in the Scottish Highlands such as rescuing woodlands, tree planting, installing beehives, even creating a lochan, a small arm of the sea. It’s also perfect for the procrastinator, as these handsome certificates can be downloaded and sent instantly.

Like all royal estates, the land is a valid form of ownership that can be bequeathed to future generations. Alas, if you have visions of creating a resort complex on your one square foot of land, no development is permitted, as Highland Titles is dedicated to conserving land in its natural state.

Once we’re traveling again you can easily visit your ‘estate’ in this ravishing part of the world as the locals are generous hosts who will guide you to your plot and show you the conservation work done on your behalf.

The price can be surprisingly modest: Single titles with one square foot of land start at US $45 and a Couples Package, with two adjacent square feet of land and two titles, start at US $75. It’s ideal for Valentine’s Day with the current 10% discount --- use the code LOVE at checkout --- birthdays, holidays, and since the land will be there thousands of years, it’s an everlasting symbol for His and Hers milestones such as weddings or anniversaries. Of course, you can add land and accouterments such as parchment certificates with an embossed seal, or a Highland Titles Tartans and Buckler, akin to a coat of arms. I may just buy a score of titles and create my own Royal Court!

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