Hollow Weenie or Where’d the “Tricks” go??

By Cynthia Adler

Weird looking orange faces hollowed out from the inside.  Some super scary, and some all too sweet, inviting us to partake in yet another year of freaky frightening movies or major sugar overload.

And what a night for all those little kids, (and some that are not so little,) going from house to house, or apartment to apartment, knocking on a neighbor’s or some strange person’s door and yelling “Trick or Treat!” “Trick or Treat!”  (I tried to do it last year, but didn’t get much except a dried-out chocolate cupcake and a laugh or two…)  And, because I know this is a holiday that is a part of our culture, part of our DNA, and part of our history, I have a curious observation… Is there is something wrong with this picture?

Remember when we were little kids are yelling “Trick or Treat, Trick or Treat.” but most of us didn’t have one freakin’ trick up our sleeve if we got stiffed on Halloween? Oh, maybe we’d stick some toilet paper in a tree or something, but we’d walk away from that house or apartment with our little cattail between our legs and go for another.  What happened to that very integral part of that Halloween night if you didn’t get anything??  

What about the places where they gave you a big bag that said, “Double Yummy Cookie Chunks,” and you are thrilled.  But when you get home that night and your Mom makes you some warm milk and you open the bag, it is filled with celery and carrot pieces, and a note that says, “Happy Halloween kid, enough with the candy!!”.  Do you cry? Do you throw a tantrum?  No.  You just chuck them. Or your parents eat them. But if you were smart, you would have forever remembered that house, because you had written down all the addresses you have been to, all the things they gave you or didn’t, and you might just plan something interesting for the next year!

All I’m saying is, that if the kids are going to scream, “Trick or Treat,” don’t let them be a weenie!  You got to deliver some kind of “Trick” if you don’t get a “Treat!”   Don’t you agree? Otherwise tell them to keep their mouth closed on that latter part and just yell really loud, “Treat, please…!” a few times,  and if they don’t get one, take them home, kiss the pumpkin, and give them some ice-cream.  And next year, for Halloween’s sake…Think of a trick!!

It’s worth a try.

Happy Halloweeies, Hip Silvers!

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