In View of the New

By Cynthia Adler

First, you see it...then you don’t! It’s the magic of the Political Carousel. Remember when we used to go to a Carnival as kids, and if we were standing in front of the carousel as it would go around, we would see a particular big beautiful horse, but then as everything was turning, the horse would disappear, and we weren’t sure we would even ever see it again. But we did if we waited long enough.

But we’re living in a different kind of carnival these days. Sure, the Carousel still goes round and round, but we don’t even remember some of the different animals that rotate on it every day. That’s a little of what 2019 felt like. And were our eyeballs glued to the news reports on the TV, as well as our computers, tablets, and phones? Sitting there eating ice-cream, protein bars, or even cookie dough, (then realizing you hadn’t even baked the batter yet,) and riding the daily roller coaster until you were able to: pull yourself away for a bathroom break, (if you even made it to the bathroom!)

So what can we say about this coming year? I think it might be about seeing clearly: 2020.

Could it be prodding us to wake up from the stressed-out dream, and give ourselves a recharge, just like we do to our tech devices when their percentage starts to slip into the lower numbers? Could it be asking us to unplug our myriad tools and rest our eyeballs a bit, so that we might have a clearer view of all that is taking place, instead of just recharging our phones and computers and tablets but not our bodies and our brains? And might that be the dilemma of the last decade. (Hi Alexa!)

Sooo...what will it take to wipe our eyes and dance to the beat of the New Year? To read a book (what’s that??) or smell a flower, or even sit on a bus or train and just stare into space at someone else’s clothes?

Dancing to the beat of the new 2020 rhythm is a very sexy move. It can get the gauze out of our eyes, recover our libido, and allow us to maybe make a lot better choices than following the endless turning of the Carousel. Or unconsciously building a pathetic future in Cyberspace...

Something to think about.

Happy New Year divine HipSilvers

May This Be Your Year!

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