It’s not surprising to learn that public libraries rank among our country’s most trusted civic institutions.

The Libraries are non-partisan and free, they are also one of the most popular cultural institutions, with Americans visiting their local libraries an average of once per month. 

So, it makes perfect sense for public libraries to also serve as an easy, nearby site to deposit your absentee ballot early – and shed any concerns about the USPS delivering your ballot in time to be counted!  Read about how our libraries can help prevent potential problems counting the overwhelming volume of absentee ballots expected across the country by accepting ballots early in a secure, locked ballot box here.  Read more about the important role libraries play in our greatest civic privilege and responsibility here.

While a few states and counties have already adopted a plan to place secure ballot boxes in local libraries ahead of November 3rd, you can contact your local officials to put pressure on them to do the same in your state.   You may also contact your elected Congressmen and women to ask them to put pressure on their state’s local election officials, who directly control the voting rules and regulations on a state-by-state basis.   

Vote early if you can, via absentee or in-person ballots.  And please vote by any means – our democracy depends on you!  

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