Planning to vote and how to track it online...

HipSilver gently reminds our readers: Please make a plan to vote – if you haven’t already done so via Absentee Ballot or Early Voting in your state.  

Did you know that, depending on what state you live in, you don’t have to wonder about the status of your Absentee Ballot after you’ve mailed it in or deposited it in an official Board of Elections secure ballot box?  Just go online to your favorite search engine, like Google or Safari, and type in the query:  Does [name of your state] offer ballot tracking?

Our COO Helen MacIsaac happens to live in one of the 39 states where it’s easy to track the status of your ballot online.  It took her 2 minutes and she learned that her absentee ballot was… ACCEPTED!  Phew. 

Check yours now – it’s fun!  And if your ballot was for some reason disqualified after receipt, you will still have time to remedy the situation and make sure that your VOTE is COUNTED! 

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