Self Love A Valentine Wish
By Cynthia Adler

Just take a look at who you are, the ‘star’ in your own galaxy,
of many worlds you cannot see…

a thread of those forgotten dreams, that seem to flow
in all those places you don’t know
or cannot access from your head
instead, in silence they can melt with hours and minutes
of your days…
and raise that joy that brought you here

there’s nothing more to know for now…
or how you came to quarantine…unseen in masks
that hide your smile
or kisses you can’t blow in light
and lips that live in endless night

it asks us now to look and see, just who we are
and want to be
for this abyss we travelled in
not finished yet
and set in some uncertainty
will somehow start to draw a line
where we place our heart
and dreams that come to surface near
can blossom…if we choose to hear

so make a dish you long to eat
retreat into a bubble bath
and even if you have a mate
just contemplate a bit alone
computer dark, no text no phone

and then create a Valentine
that speaks with love and maybe tears
of years you had and made it through
for this one is from you…
to you.

Happy Valentine’s Day Hip Silvers
Love, Cynthia