Smart Ways to Earn Money Online 

Written by: Lanie Davies

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has upended everything from family road trips and vacations to how workers and companies operate. If you’ve been handed the short end of the stick, there are many ways to bounce back, and a lot of them can be found online. So, with that in mind, here are some clever ways you can earn money without leaving home.

Consultancy Work

Whatever expertise you’re gained over the years, there’s always someone with less experience who can use your professional advice. You can leverage this by working as a consultant online.

With many workers of all levels moving their daily tasks online, it’s even easier today to find individuals or even businesses that will pay you for consultancy work. As long as you know how to network and communicate on the web, it won’t be that difficult to find work as a consultant. The Balance’s guide to using LinkedIn, for instance, notes how the popular professional networking site comes with useful resources and features that can make online networking a breeze. And while sites like Facebook and Twitter are not as conducive for business, they’re also good places to meet potential business partners. Apart from making money, putting your expertise to work will allow you to stay sharp and current, whatever your specific set of skills might be.

Content Writing

With virtually every business establishing an online presence, content writing and production is bigger than ever. You don’t need to be Paul Theroux to start earning money from writing online content. As long as you have a keen grasp of grammar and a penchant for storytelling, you can find a range of jobs creating and developing business web content, press releases, product write-ups, marketing collaterals, and others.

Furthermore, if you’re not the only writer in your immediate circle, you could even consider forming a business around web-based content writing. ZenBusiness’s guide to becoming a ghostwriter reveals how starting a freelance online writing business is actually not that difficult or expensive. If you structure your online company well and factor in all significant initial costs, there’s nothing stopping you from creating a career or even a long-term business out of writing content.

Online Garage Sale

Here’s one way to hit two birds with one stone. Using your idle time to organize a garage sale allows you to both get rid of clutter and earn some money on the side. While deciding whether or not you want to get rid of certain objects is difficult, it’s also a fantastic way not just to make room at home, but also to gain some mental clarity. And by using your smartphone, it’ll be easy to take pictures of whatever you want to sell along with prices for captions.

Don’t hesitate to let go of even broken electronics or tools. Just make sure to indicate the quality and usability of your items to ensure that whoever buys them are aware of any issues. You never know if anyone might be interested in buying your old VCR player, stack of art magazines, or even that old problematic car that’s just sitting in your garage. Whether you’re in need of extra cash or extra room at home, never underestimate the power of a good old garage sale.

These are just some of the smartest ways to make money from the comfort of your phone or laptop. If you’re bored and looking for something productive to do, each of the aforementioned tips is a good way to spend your free time at home.

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