Staying a home on New Year’s Eve? Here’s How You Can Still celebrate together!

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We're all excited for the 2021 year to wrap up! We are looking forward to potentially the end of the covid crisis insight for all of us. We've been planning a few different ways to celebrate together at home, creating new traditions and fun. Our ideas include streaming celebratory kickoffs presented online and on television, gourmet dinners, and some of the champagne cocktails or mocktails. We can only think of the holiday celebration as fun, getting dressed up, and sharing resolutions for 2022.

The good news is there are still plenty of ways you can have fun safely — whether you’re celebrating with your partner, best friends, or safely with family. Plus, partying at home will prove way cheaper than shelling out for entry fees and overpriced cocktails.

Ready to make your own fireworks? Pull on your party hat and have a look at some of our favorite suggestions to celebrate NYE in a COVID-safe way.  


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