Stumbling Into Fall

Cynthia Adler


The weather’s heat is mostly gone and leaves now change each day while deck chairs fold, (and cry I’m told) when packed and locked away…

the swimming pools are history the kids pack into schools and summer’s dreams are memory and traffic moves like mules…

it seems unfair and cruel to me and simply quite a bummer that we can’t pack September in to add some time to summer!

just think of how you would not care when August was receding

with one more month to flake around or catch up on your reading

the kids would have a longer time to get in much more trouble

and one more month to stay undressed makes satisfaction double

at least you would be open for October’s windy start and extra time to just relax

is better for your heart..

we can’t petition Government but we’ve got major force cause if we all refused to work they don’t have no recourse…

I say, lets take September back it’s time to make that call... more time to get our ass in gear while drifting...

into Fall

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