The Boss is back!

You may have heard that Bruce Springsteen and his E Street Band – a legendary combo – have come out with a new album, “Letter to You.”  At 71, Springsteen is unquestionably a Sterling Silver: he has rocked concert halls for six decades and has no intention of leaving them anytime soon. 

In a recent New York Times interview with the preeminent rocker-philosopher, he shares why he has reached a new level of gratitude for his experience and wisdom. “I’m at a point… where I’ve never felt as vital,” he said. “My band is at its best, and we have so much accumulated knowledge and craft about what we do that this was a time in my life where I said, ‘I want to use that as much as I can.’”

The Boss is very eager to get back into concert venues (when covid crowd restrictions are lifted), observing “I’m in the mood right now to burn the house down for as long as I can.”  Silvers rock on! 


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