Who ever thought a little Prick… Could possibly save your life?


Cynthia Adler 


Yep…we know the word.  Probably used it more times than we can remember.

But isn’t it interesting in life how something snarky can turn on it’s head, and become a possible golden word, and if we are lucky, may be able to transform the world from fear, and out of control devastation to a return to life as we mostly knew it.

I say mostly, because there are some things that may never return to what we have known as “normal life.”  We have been caged for over a year now, unable to hug together, or cook together or, even eat together.  Our little closed mouths living inside cloth masks, hiding smirks and smiles and laughing or clenching teeth…or even cursing when someone can hear you but not see you, and you can blame it on whomever you want at the store or the cleaners or the takeout place if your order is cold at pickup.

But now, your upper arm has become your master warrior, and you don’t even have to have a muscle in it!  Who cares.  It doesn’t need one to stand up against the ugly airborne, stealthy, and vicious villainous virus.  A shot in the dark.  That’s what it was. We didn’t know when, or if, or what it would do, but that little Prick had it’s own agenda.  Wanna have a yummy dinner in a socially distanced restaurant? Thank the Prick.  Want to feel more confident in the market or the cleaners or the public transportation?  (Masked, of course) Just thank the…well, you know…

We are tired.  We are spent. We would pay for a good hug. We feel deprived and yet indulged in over-caloric binges of food, the Tube, and tethered to our tech devices that have us EMF’d up the wazoo! We are longing for a return to what we have known.  (If we can even remember what we once knew.)  Foggy sleep, foggy brain and sometimes, foggy eyes.  We can tell you the names of the last ten Series we binged, quicker than we can tell you the names of our second cousins.

So…do we dare to trust that we may have a big game changer here? We are all taking it in the arm, and waiting to see what will unfold in the next few months.

But just one thought to leave you with.  The next time you are thinking of calling someone a Prick?  Please…give it a second thought. 

Happy Vacs, HipSilvers

And…May The Force Be With You.  

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  • Gail Bruce

    Cynthia – you did it again.
    Bless your heart ❤️

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