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Introduction by Judith Boyd

HipSilver is excited to present the Bollman Hat Company to the Silver Generation. As a passionate hat wearer and HipSilver Millinery Curator, I am thrilled we have the opportunity to share a brand that provides quality headwear, a variety of styles, and hats appealing to both men and women. Founded in 1868, the Bollman Hat Company is America's oldest hat-maker and a world leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of headwear for people of all ages.

The Bollman Group provides the world with the headwear industry's top brands including: Bailey®, Betmar®, Country Gentleman®, Eddy Bros.®, Helen Kaminski®, Jacaru®, KANGOL®, and PANTROPIC® headwear. They also provide private label products to leading retailers and apparel brands across the globe.

Headwear, an accessory, makes a style statement while simultaneously providing warmth in the winter and sun protection in the summer. The Bollman Hat Company offers many possibilities and choices for beginner hat-wearers and the experienced hat aficionado. It is with great pleasure that we introduce the Bollman Hat Company to HipSilver to bring more style and enjoyment to your lives.

Pictured on the left: Humphrey Bogart - 1941
Pictured on the right: Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi - Blues Brothers

About This Designer

Founded in 1868, the Bollman Hat Company is America's oldest, standing hat-maker. It dominates its competition in designing, crafting, and distributing men's, women's, and children's headwear. Today, Bollman sells products in seventy-seven countries between a grand total of 10 brands.

Their premier brand, Bailey, has its own extensive history. Founded during 1922 in California, the Bailey Hat Company has become known as the leading resource for quality-luxury headwear.

In the beginning, a man named George Bollman set up his hat factory in Adamstown, Pennsylvania. At the time, hat makers flocked to the area due to plentiful water, needed for manufacturing hats. Mr. Bollman triumphed in this fierce, competitive environment, and his company, after a century as a family-owned business, is now a proud, employee-owned company. During this vast expanse of history, Bollman acquired the Bailey Hat Company to further its mission of supreme hats.

George S. Bailey started the Bailey Hat Company in Los Angeles, California after recognizing the need for hats catered to the West Coast and Western Wear markets. As an authentic, American hat-man, he understood how Hollywood's leading men served as global arbiters of taste and style. Thus, he dedicated his life to providing them with top-quality hats and to directing Hollywood’s headwear. For over 90 years, the Bailey Hat Company has persevered to provide exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

At HipSilver, we’re proud to present Bailey of Hollywood finest hats. This collection includes fedoras, newsboys, plaids, and herringbones. Their quality fabrications and design excellence maximize their comfort and style.

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