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Introduction by Gail Bruce

I have always said “accessories make the outfit”, and I mean any outfit! HipSilvers live on the go. In a constant shift between daywear to nightwear, and we have to take into account that we don’t always have the chance to fully change outfits in between. But, with the right transition of Jewelry, you can take that simple black gown from a lunch look, with a simple sweater cuff or earrings, to a “glitz and glam” evening ensemble by pairing it with a statement necklace. It’s for this reason that I adore Chanour! Chanour Jewelry has such a wide selection of metals, designs, and uses that you really can find the right piece for whatever style or occasion you’re looking for! They have a beautiful and specific selection of artistic statement pieces as well as the sleek and simple designs that you can wear to work. HipSilvers are going to love the Chanour Jewelry collection and we couldn’t be more excited to share them with you!

About This Designer

The Chanour Collection comes from a brand with a rich family culture and history. Head Designer, Sean Altu, started his journey with jewelry in Istanbul, Turkey in 2005. His uncle had a unique hand-made costume jewelry studio and this is where Mr. Altu began to work on honing his craft, working with fine designs and metalworking. Only 5 short years later, he made the move to the United States to bring his European inspired designs to the American market. He immediately partnered with his cousin, Sebastian Yilan, who specialized in marketing and sales.

Their two joined areas of expertise along with their life long friendship is what makes this the perfect team. Early on, they felt inspired to bring artistic, embellished designs to their customers, which was well-received as they sold their jewelry on the streets of SoHo, NYC. Two years into starting Chanour (which gets its inspiration from Sean’s full Turkish name), they decided it was time to move into the realm of wholesale so that they could focus on design and bring their beloved works to a larger audience. They continue to grow their company, partnerships--all while exploring new and exciting designs for us to enjoy.

HipSilvers are going to love these affordable, yet upscale pieces to adorn any outfit. These designs are lavished and speak to those with a strong taste for artistry in their accessories. We are so happy to be partnering with the wonderful team at Chanour and look forward to hosting their jewelry on HipSilver. 

Chanour Designers, Sebastian Yilan and Sean Altu

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