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Introduction by Rashid Silvera

I am a curator who deeply appreciates the potential congruence that can be expressed when the perfect collar style becomes a "frame" for a discerning gentleman's tie of choice. Whenever I cast my fashion-eye on new, shapes, patterns, and/or innovations, I never lose sight of shirt collars which may foreshadow one's particular distinction. It so happened I came upon a reference and picture of a Dandy and Son "dress shirt- treasure" which caught my eye. I felt as though I had made a genuine discovery of sartorial substance.

At present, I am the proud owner of almost two-dozen of the Dandy and Son treasures, all made with choice fabrics, that speak to a (hopefully re-emerging) bygone era of elegance and strength. My excitement was only exceeded by the joy I experienced when my beautifully packed-and-presented shirts arrived in less than ten days from Oslo, Norway.

Whether you present these shirts with or without ties, you will feel the appreciative gaze of those who understand the pleasure you are sharing as you display your outer sign of an inward reality of confidence and comfort.  

About This Designer

DANDY & SON, based in Oslo, Norway, was founded by Trond Isnes in 2016. Without any background in the menswear industry but a clear idea of what a Scandinavian-designed shirt with an extreme cutaway collar would look like, Trond found a skilled and experienced clothing designer to help him make it. Typical Scandinavian design is bold, minimalist, and modern and this is reflected in DANDY & SON designs.

Trond Isnes is the founder/ceo of DANDY & SON. From Asker, Norway, Trond established his first company at 24. He has since gone on to found companies in several business areas, restaurants, online shopping, luxury goods, and menswear. While he still owns multiple businesses, Trond is spending more and more time working on his creative projects and being a central part of DANDY & SON's design team. A 39 year-old father of two, Trond spends his spare time with his family and friends but also enjoys golf, cooking, wine, and art. He finds most of his inspiration in Scandinavian design, especially furniture, architecture, and art.

DANDY & SON is a different kind of clothing line. As a small, family-owned clothier brand, their customers are their only priority. They make this promise to you: "we will do everything in our power to make you happy, and we’ll never sell a single item of clothing that we wouldn’t be proud to have hanging in our own closet."

DANDY & SON values individualism, creativity, and playfulness. They want you to wear the very best clothing that money can buy but at a price anyone can afford. Plus, they will ship your order to you, anywhere in the world, at no cost to you.

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  • LollyApr 21, 2021

    I like what I see…Style with a Flair. Congratulations! “Hip Silver“ is a reflection of who we are.

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