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Introduction by Gail Bruce

I had the pleasure of meeting Kathleen Grace quite a few years ago when several of my Native actress friends encouraged me to try her facials. I did and was a fan right away. I had watched her career flourish and was delighted when I discovered she was creating her skincare line. Internabeauty is the first Native skincare line in the country. Her products are fabulous, and we at HipSilver are so pleased to introduce this beautiful skincare line. Kathleen’s Nutrient-Rich Replenishing Crème is the best I have tried to date, and I encourage all of you to give it a try! 

About This Designer

Kathleen Grace, Founder of Internabeauty

Founder of Internabeauty, Kathleen Grace, is a licensed holistic aesthetician based on both the East and West Coast! Her work in healing and consulting keeps her traveling nationally and internationally as she works with her clientele, which includes high-profile celebrities who swear by her methods.

Kathleen is of Native American ancestry from the tribal band of Costanoan-Ohlone Indians and uses these influences notably in developing each of her luxury skincare products. Internabeauty is an all-natural, anti-aging skincare line. Her products offer natural means through ingredients used by the Native American peoples and specific plants/flowers native to California.

All in all, the Internabeauty line offers a rich heritage and narrative, while also utilizing that influence to make carefully balanced natural products to keep any Silver’s skin glowing!