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Introduction by Gail Bruce 

I am a “frequent flyer” when it comes to the New York trade show scene. New styles and new designers are emerging every minute, and there’s always someone exciting in the mix. I look out for designers who make the “everyday” an upscale event; those who know the importance of marrying design and comfort. Kerisma Knits was one of these special trade show finds that jumped off the rack. Once I spoke with Lihui, I was happy to discover the brand’s background story was just as interesting as the clothes it produces: a mixture of backgrounds (Textile and Architecture, fascinating!) and family business. I think you’re going to enjoy learning more about this company. In addition, these knits are going to be the perfect pick to carry the HipSilvers through the transition into Fall and Winter. 

About This Designer

Founded in 2010, Kerisma Knits are built for and cater to the lifestyle of creative, intelligent women. Simply elegant and easy to wear, these knits couldn’t be better. We at HipSilver are very excited to introduce you to the Kerisma team:

Originally founded by dynamic father/daughter duo, Lihui Ke and Phil Ke, Kerisma is a fully family owned and managed business (alongside tech-savvy Junjie Ke & nurturing yet direct Mama Ke). This brand covers a lot of ground with its vibrant background and equally vibrant clothing. The family business is based on the temperate West Coast, but it’s beginnings are by way of New York, Paris, and originally China.

At the helm, there is Lihui Ke, the Creative & Sales director. She is a multi-disciplinary, multi-lingual, and multi-cultural designer who previously studied and worked in architectural design -- all of which she allows to inform her development of these well-structured and versatile knitwear lines.

She simultaneously draws inspiration from nature, with this latest season being directly influenced by the rich Pisgah Crater, California landscape (a formerly active volcanic lava field, wow)!

The Ke Family, on the whole, has a history of working with textiles, blending cultural narratives, and combining each of their individual strengths in order to create an indelible unit.

We at HipSilver are sure you’ll fall in love with this company if not for its knitwear alone, then for the people behind the production. Shop Kerisma Knits on HipSilver for your next smart and stylish sweater!

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