Pretty Rugged Blankets- Profile

Indroduction by Rashid Silvera

A few months ago, I was winding my way through a maze of fashion forms and creative clothing designs at an amazing trade show, NY NOW at the Javitz Center in NYC, when my inner-eye caught a glimpse of an especially attractive presentation stall. What had caught my attention was a collection of faux-fur blankets which were wrapped, dare I say draped, elegantly and fashionably over several handsome female models. As they continued their peripatetic stroll, I was struck by the ease with which they were able to swing and sway...engaging and effortlessly completing their jobs. Before long, my animated curiosity compelled me to find out more about the inspiration behind these truly tantalizing treasures.

The first person I approached just happened to be Tracy Slocum, the CEO, and founder of Pretty Rugged. I was captivated by the visual designs and furry feel of the wide assortment of blankets on display. The patterns which mirrored the likenesses of a variety of dazzling animals were the calling-cards of a soft and pliable collection of plush blankets in every reasonable size and shape. I found myself completely consumed in examining the Lap, Baby, Pet, and full-length Luxe Blankets.

I also learned Tracy Slocum was the great, great, granddaughter of Joshua Slocum, the first person to sail around the world alone, earning the moniker: The New World Columbus. Ah-ha! Given the pedigree of her legacy, it did not surprise me that Tracy would strikeout, in her own fashion, to create a family of blankets with universal purposes and appeal. These family-friendly coverings are musts.

I am certain that once you wear the warm images and inspirations for these unique blankets, you will make their acquisition a statement of your distinctive good taste and genuine generosity.

Tracy Slocum - Founder

About This Designer

Pretty Rugged is an example of what I think of when I think of the words “The American Dream”. I grew up keeping journals of ideas and inventions, truly believing that one day one of them would ‘sail’. Forever inspired by my great-great grandfather’s travels and amazing accomplishments, I wanted to make my own ‘wake’ and each idea that didn’t happen or wouldn’t work brought me closer to the next and nowhere, to my creation inspired by my pretty rugged history.

The first Pretty Rugged product was born from a simple idea I had in a very special place we call home each summer. I wanted a blanket that was beautiful and functional. I couldn’t find one to buy, so I made one. I quickly realized that this was the idea I had been waiting for and this was now MY time, and timing is everything in life…

Pretty Rugged is not just a brand; it is a feeling. Looking back, the blanket is a natural first product for so many blankets provide warmth, comfort, calming weight, and protection. When you feel and use the blankets, it is clear they were made with great fortitude as if the Slocum heritage is truly sewn into each one, a heritage so deeply entwined with The American Dream you can actually touch it.

Success is one of those words that means something different to almost everyone. Every time I see our red, white, and blue ribbon I beam with pride; it’s a symbol of my success and a tribute to every pretty rugged person out there living their version of The American Dream.”