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Introduction by John Maroney 

We met Renee and her collection of eyeglasses for the HipSilver community and immediately fell in love. The shapes are modern utilitarian and offered different types of photochromatic handcrafted lenses that can be found nowhere else. We’re impressed that Renée is continuously updating her collection and improving new shapes to make all Silvers look hip and beautiful regardless of age. The group embodies the meaning of being a HipSilver! Enjoy.

About This Designer

Not realizing it at the time but Renee Bachner was at a turning point in her life. She had just lost her father and was consumed with taking care of her mother who had Alzheimer’s while raising a family and working in her optical store. As part of what has come to be known as the sandwich generation, she sometimes wondered how she was going to find the energy to get through the day.

She found out she was not
alone. Her customers shared similar stories and also gave her the support to not only fulfill her caregiver role but to realize the creative spirit she had pushed aside for more realistic
responsibilities. And so, Renee’s Readers was created. She didn’t have to search far for inspiration, it was all around her. In her store customers, in friends and in family and sometimes complete strangers. Everybody had a story.

Renee’s Readers tell your story in styles created with your voice. Enduring quality, fashion functional and good value.” Not only are these glasses special, but they have a special mission behind them-to raise Alzheimer’s Awareness and support the services provided by the Alzheimer’s Association.
Hipsilver is incredibly excited and proud to host this inspiring brand’s products on our site!

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