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Introduction by Gail Bruce 

When reaching a certain age, some women decide they just don’t want to show their arms anymore, but they also don’t want to get rid of that favorite black dress or that sweet summery linen dress they have loved for years. I am one of them. I bought mesh, cotton or silk tee-shirts to wear under dresses or sleeveless shirts, but I wasn’t happy, either the seams were too obvious, the fabric of the shirt would bunch up underneath, around the torso and sometimes they were just too hot. Then I accidentally stumbled on Sleevey Wonders and my wardrobe shifted, giving me new ways of saving and transforming older sleeveless dresses and shirts that were destined to be passed on.

Thank you, Ruthann Greenblat and Sleevey Wonders! I am even going to try them under my bathing suits -- talk about four-season wear!

Ruthann Greenblat
Ruthann Greenblat

Sleevey Wonders is a brand that surrounds a story of strength. The idea came to Ruthann Greenblat, the founder, as she got older and wanted more arm coverage but all the latest styles in women’s clothing were sleeveless. She spent a good deal of time, effort and money going to a tailor and having sleeves sewn onto her garments. She decided the best option was to create a set of sleeves that could be interchangeable between outfits. And Sleevy Wonders were born. 

About This Designer

Ruthann is a former artist with a chronic illness due to Lyme Disease, which she had also unfortunately passed on to her children, so medical costs were a long-time concern. That coupled with the economic crash in 2008, had plenty to worry about. In spite of all this, her husband and herself believed so much in the sleeves she had designed as a business, that they took the risk of refinancing their home at the end of 2008 to get the funds in order to launch their idea. In 2011, with Ruthann just having turned 57, Sleevey Wonders was officially on the market! Sleevey Wonders was widely well-received because of their amazing ability to beautifully shape a woman’s arm while also transforming an outfit. It’s not only perfect for creating a more modest look but also helping to transition your garments from Summer to Fall--Allowing your favorite items to be worn all year round! Sleevey Wonders is a product worth envy, since it is the first product of its kind that was ever available on the market, and you’ll notice copy-cat products around—but nothing can beat the quality of the original product.

While Ruthann still faces trials with medical bills, she is happy to be creating affordable products for women in efforts to make them feel beautiful, no matter what they’re wearing!

HipSilver is happy to be premiering our partnership with Sleevey Wonders, as we think it is the perfect option for elegance. Your favorite little black dress can now come out from the back of the closet.

Made for Silver Women by Silver Women--we know you’re going to love your Sleeveys!

Ruth Ann Greenblat

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