Tateossian Mens Accessories 

Introduction by Rashid Silvera 

The aphorism of “wearing one’s heart on one’s sleeve” has always been an indication of emotional honesty and sensitive integrity. So, it follows that a gentleman marinated in the French language and the rich Middle-Eastern cultural palette as a school boy would, quite naturally, look to the elegant sartorial appointment of French Cuffs as a means to not only display but express his artistic appreciation for creative cufflinks.

This internationally known man of mature elegance would come to be respectfully known to many of his compatriots as the "King of Cufflinks". The gentleman of whom I am speaking is Robert Tateossian, a well-traveled, true Renaissance Man who became inspired by his breadth of travel. He is fluent in seven languages and has a keen interest in religion, art, and fashion, blending these interests into signature pieces of handcrafted, wearable-art. I found this elegant House of Tateossian through the fortunate heads-up of a well-appointed friend with excellent taste in men's fashion.

Once exposed to Robert Tateossian's line of one-of-a-kind jewelry, I instantly became a fan. It is with this enthusiasm and optimism that I would like to introduce you to a few distinctive bracelets and cufflinks which, I feel, will complete the "look" of any confident and cool HipSilver. I am certain that these eye-catching accessories will meet the approval of all discerning admirers.

Tateossian Accessories 

Tateossian London was founded by Robert Tateossian in 1990 with the aspiration of offering men and women a distinctive way to express their personality and style through unique, refined, and meticulously-crafted accessories. A sense of playfulness and free movement are intricately entwined in the brand’s DNA and are often reflected in the designs, delivering unique yet wearable pieces.

Innovation, creativity, and quality are the core values of Tateossian.

Unconventional materials such as meteorites, dinosaur bones, and copper nuggets are skillfully paired with more traditional elements such as diamonds, gold, and gemstones, resulting in contemporary and exceptional designs. Tateossian is globally celebrated as a brand that continuously pushes the boundaries of jewelry design and one of the few to succeed in marrying original designs and the idea of motion.

The world is Tateossian’s source of inspiration, not only to discover new materials and stones but, more importantly, to explore, taking these experiences and turning them into beautifully crafted pieces. It is the uniqueness of the designs that have positioned Tateossian as the brand of choice for those who prefer pieces that reflect and underscore their individual sensibility and approach to style.

Working primarily in silver, with exclusive collections in 18-Karat gold, each piece is delicately and individually crafted with an uncompromising level of quality. Pieces are rigorously inspected at the head office before they are placed in a signature Tateossian box, meeting the high expectations of the discerning Tateossian client.