Uma | Raquel Davidowicz- Profile

Introduction by John Maroney 

Raquell started UMA after working for eight years in her husband’s family business. Through this, she gained invaluable insight into designing collections with a more classic style, centered around mature women. Once this period ended, Raquel and Roberto decided to spread their wings to create a new brand with their DNA. In 1996, they launched UMA as a small pop-up store inside an art gallery; they’ve grown to global recognition since.

The word UMA is a feminine Portuguese pronoun meaning “one” similar “une” in French or “uno” in Spanish. This “one-ness” encapsulates the brand’s mission: singularity, empowering people to feel unique without sacrificing their personalities. UMA achieves this through exclusive shapes and fabrics that stray from the obvious. Besides, the contemporary flair of São Paulo and Brazil at large seeps into the stitches, drapes, and silhouettes. All this results in a collection of expertly-crafted, minimalist, loose, and eloquent outfits.

Abest, The Brazilian Association of Fashion Designers

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