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Introduction by Gail Bruce

I met Amy Cousin at a Jewelry Show. Her craft immediately stuck out to both of due to its fascinating, unorthodox design. She was combining semi-precious gemstones with…junk! Upcycling is Amy’s design philosophy, helping the environment by re-using manufactured items otherwise sent to junkyards. I was amazed not only by her commitment to the world we live in, but also with the final results! She powers old metals, circuit boards, and more with special gemstones to breath new life into these discarded objects. I’m so happy she joined us at HipSilver and certain her unique style will enthrall you.

Amy Cousin Jewelry creates connected jewelry using ethically sourced gemstones and eco-friendly metals. Each gemstone ACJ uses is associated with energetic properties the wearer can tap into as a reminder to apply said energy in their own life.

ACJ's Upcycled collection focuses on reviving surplus and discarded items such as: computer motherboards, wood, bike & car parts, etc., and turning them into stunning, eco-conscious jewelry. Many of these pieces include gemstones based on their energetic properties.

Amy Cousin Jewelry aims to delight people like you HipSilvers who are owning and reclaiming your sense of self in your work, your relationships, and your personal development. You are creative (even if you don’t think so), ambitious, and you live a heartfelt life. You’re thinking about your life outside of the box.

Amy Cousin Jewelry is for people who are open to tapping into their potential and actively do something about it. ACJ is here to support their efforts, to remind the wearers of their goals.

About This Designer


That's what it's about for me: being able to share my love of gemstones and odd bits in a creative way to help you in your relationships, your creative endeavors, your career,! I am a gemstone intuitive, which means I listen to you, I listen to gemstones, and I put them all together in a combination meeting your energy needs while complementing your personal style.

When I create a piece of jewelry for you, it's sure to become one of your favorite go-to pieces, not only for its beauty but for the way you and the gems vibrate toward your goals and dreams.

My own journey working with gemstones began when I was just a child. I always found a special rock to carry around with me. I ultimately learned how to tap into the energetic attributes of gemstones and ignite the same flame within myself. In the ‘90s, just before my husband and I opened our funky-eclectic book-and-gift shop in Minneapolis, I took a jewelry-making class. I loved creating jewelry so much I started making pieces in the shop during the ‘down time’ between helping customers and homeschooling our five children.

Soon, customers started asking me to make special pieces for them, based on gemstone energy. When we moved the family and shop to northern South Carolina, I turned my jewelry into a sideline for the shop, but other boutiques asked to carry my pieces as well. When we closed the shop and moved back to Minnesota in 2012, I launched my eponymous line.

I am so thrilled to be able to turn my gemstone experience, combined with research and expertise, into positive sparks of celebration, optimism, and momentum to share with you on your path! We are all deserving of the best possible life. It’s a constant journey I’m on with you. - Amy Cousin

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