Apple picking, cooking and enjoying time with family and friends.


It's the height of fall season, the leaves are changing, and the idea of apple picking with your grandchildren, friends, and family is perfect. What to do with all those apples after a bit of exercise and gathering the fruit of the season. We reached out to HipSilver's Travel and Culinary Contributor Monte Mathews. He directed us to his website, Chewing the Fat, for his favorite desserts with apples. We found Elizabeth Karmel's Grandmother Odom's Apple Cake and Apple Bars that inspired us to get into the kitchen and cook these fall classics at home.

If you have not heard Monte's website's tagline, "If we can cook it, you can cook it, And we'll travel the world to bring it back home to you. The site is chock a block full of fun recipes and culinary destinations.

Happy Fall, HipSilvers!


Apple Cake recipe here

Apple Bar recipe here