The Best Ways to Send Holiday Cookies in the Mail
Turns out mailing cookies to your coworkers (and friends!) is easier than you think

Unlike previous years, we won't be gathering around all of our loved ones but that shouldn't stop you from sending them cookies! There truly isn't anything like receiving something home cooked and Eater has listed three different shipping methods to getting your sweets sent safely! Whether the pandemic has led you to become a self declared baker or you have a long standing tradition of baking cookies during the holidays, we are encouraging you to bake this year and share your treats with your loved ones... even if they are miles away! We continue to be Together Apart. 

"Almost all of our holiday traditions are imperiled by COVID-19. Boisterous family meals, glittery cocktail parties, and gatherings to exchange presents could all become super-spreader events. But there is one holiday tradition the pandemic can’t mess with: mailing cookies. The 2020 baking boom was one long training session for turning out dozens upon dozens of snickerdoodles, thumbprints, rugelach, and brownies in the last month of this shitty year." Eater editorial 

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