Fig Gorgonzola and Arugula Flatbread is the perfect appetizer

Food and Travel Curator Monte Mathews shares his recipe for a flatbread that is so simple to make and it is delicious. We recently tried creating this dish at home right before a dinner party with some premade store-bought pizza dough and all the ingredients recommended in this wonderful recipe. 

“There’s very little we like more than a pizza. In this recipe, it’s called a Flatbread. I am not quite sure why because the dough in this recipe is pizza dough. Pizza dough is a store-bought item for me. Anyone can make it better than I can. And virtually every single pizza place in this country will sell you their dough. And if they won’t, there are piles of it at Trader Joe’s. Our dough came frozen from the Supermarket. It was perfect. It rolled out to make a perfect thin crust. The dough is covered with a thin layer of fig jam; it was then sprinkled abundantly with Gorgonzola, the crumbly Italian Blue Cheese.” said Mathews

Trust us, and each delicious bite will surprise you.