Fried Green Tomatoes! Dinner and Movie with a culinary treat.

It's officially the week after Labor Day, and we're looking into our gardens and our HipSilver Organic Gardener, John Henry Cox. We have been figuring out what to do with our summer tomatoes that didn't completely turn red.

It hit us. A little celebration around a culinary delight called Fried Green Tomatoes. They're so easy to prepare as a snack, side with BBQ, and we couldn't resist a little pairing of dinner and a movie. We're sure that you all remember the classic film from the early 90s with the same title as our culinary delight. Actress Jessica Tandy was an inspiration and pure soulful character from the film. 

We've pulled together our favorite recipe for this summer's fruit, a delectable treat paring an iced tea, a glass of Pinot Noir or Chenin Blanc, with the movie for kick-off into the fall season!

We love Food 52 recipe here for the end of summer fruit to be enjoyed!