HONEY GINGER LEMON TEA, a favorite beverage and how to prepare it.

by Roxanne Duvall

“This is my most favorite tea that I drink on a daily basis and it is so easy to make and absolutely delicious!  I swear it helps keep me healthy and I am happy to share it with you and the recipe,” says Roxie

I will give you a couple of tips:


 Roxie’s tips below:

1 decent piece of fresh ginger - approx. 5" or so

Freshly squeezed lemon juice

GOOD honey - Raw if you can find it, many Farmers Markets have it.

Peel the ginger and cut into small slices.  Add to a quart of water, bring to a boil over medium heat and once it comes to a full boil, turn the heat to low and cover the pot with a cover.  Let the tea simmer gently for 30 - 45 min.  That's it, tea is ready and can be stored in a closed container in the fridge and you can heat the desired amount into your favorite mug or teacup.


1.  The amount of ginger you use and the length of the simmering time determine the strength of the tea. I like a strong ginger taste. 

2.  I always squeeze fresh lemon and add it to the tea right before I drink it. 

3.  I also always add the honey just before drinking it, you don't want to add the honey to the tea while it is simmering since heating honey can change the integrity of it (https://beekeepclub.com/heating-honey/).

4.  Enjoy!!!!