New York Times, Deputy Food Editor, Emily Weinstein's weeknight dinners newsletter for busy people...

Every week or  five nights a week, Emily Weinstein, the deputy editor curates innovative, delicious, and straightforward solutions for making dinners. We wait with anticipation every Friday or can subscribe to every day newsletter and see what Emily will present from various chefs around the food scene. This week, she suggests five-star pasta dishes, and they're just in time for the weekend with a range from a no need to stir italian favorite oven-baked roasted risotto, spicy shrimp dish to a sheet pan chicken + plums dish that sounds heavenly.

We are thankful for selections (for us) and her thoughtful family insights to share with your children for their family's dinner tables. You will be a hero grandparent by sharing this fun slant on everyday cooking and tips!

She inspires us to get cooking!  Read this week's column