Pumpkin bread as the muse for this weekend... from Bon Appetit!

Fall is kicking into high gear and so is the need or want to get cooking.  In October the pumpkin spice wagon arrives everywhere kicking off our search for the best recipes.  Read this story and cook up a storm! 
"There’s no other way to say this, but this pumpkin bread is moist. (DEAL WITH IT.) It’s even moister—which isn’t a word—the day after baking. No one wants a dry pumpkin bread, a mouthful of over-spiced regret, and no one certainly wants a mushy loaf, a soggy forkful of fall’s failings. We want a moist loaf. M-O-I-S-T. Find out what it means to me.It means a lot. And to Molly Baz too. She developed this new recipe and didn’t want a typical vegetable oil quick bread. “Let’s resurrect the pumpkin bread from its sad sorry Starbucks state!” She declared.
Okay!!!!Olive oil brings a buttery, barely grassy note that goes well with pumpkin (“because pumpkin...comes from the earth,” she told me to which I replied) and it’s what makes the bread moist but never mushy. Molly played with the ratio of flour to fat for weeks until she reached perfection. And since I tasted it, I can concur. Perfection.
What else is inside this thing? A heaping dose of AUTUMNAL FLAVOR, that’s what! Cinnamon, nutmeg, a pinch of clove. This specific canned pumpkin. And fresh ginger, not the dry powder stuff. “I didn’t use pumpkin spice mix because I don’t believe in all the spices in that blend,” said Molly. She doesn’t believe in ground ginger. “People use ⅛ teaspoon a year and then it gets stale and flat in their pantry. Use fresh!” It brings a spicier, more dynamic flavor.