Self-care during Election week: nothing beats an elegant and satisfying roast rack of lamb dinner.

Our COO Helen MacIsaac took HipSilver Contributor and gastronome extraordinaire Monte Mathews’ advice for a special dinner party for two this week.   “Cooking is therapeutic for me and a wonderful distraction from the election the world is watching” said Helen.  She made this delicious special dinner for her and her spouse, and found it lived up to all expectations, including simplicity. 

As Monte recommended, Trader Joe’s does indeed offer excellent New Zealand-sourced lamb racks that are all ready to cook.   Helen went to shop at her local TJ’s during the hour each day allotted exclusively for Silvers.   She even accompanied the lamb with roasted potatoes and baby peas, so her results looked – almost – as beautiful as Monte’s photo here. 

And they tasted even better than words or pictures can describe! 

See Contributor Monte Mathew's  full recipe and preparation here