Sharing the summer garden one bite at a time...

It seems like trying to promote vegetarianism, but what we're really trying to shed light on is that the gardens are turning to the peak of summer, and it's time to eat vegetables.

We are all experiencing the summer harvest at different heights. I just picked my first tomatoes and zucchini is right around the corner. The Los Angeles Times has taken the lead and presented menus and ideas that inspire summer eating ( meat and fish pairings) but just fun to eat something from the garden how every you like it.  Have a fantastic weekend, Silvers!

"I went vegan a couple of years ago and kept it up for eight strong months. During that time, I didn’t just eat meat, but I also changed my whole way of thinking around how I eat vegetables, period. Even now, I eat meat only occasionally and try to eat vegetarian or vegan meals as much as possible. In California, that’s much easier because the produce stands heads and shoulders above the rest. After eating lots of comfort food during quarantine and relying on meat-heavy takeout, I’m once again resetting my diet by focusing on eating all the vegetables I can get my hands on. And there’s no better time for veg-forward eating than summer when vegetables are at their peak." says Ben Mims, Food Columnist, LA Times 

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