HipSilver's  Q&A with Kathleen Grace: Falling into Fall Skincare 

Founder of Internabeauty, Kathleen Grace is a licensed holistic aesthetician based on both the East and West Coast! Her work in healing and consulting keeps her traveling nationally and internationally as she works with her clientele who include high-profile celebrities who swear by her methods.

Kathleen is of Native American ancestry from the tribal band of Costanoan /Ohlone Indians and uses these influences notably in developing each of her luxury skincare products. Internabeauty is an all-natural, anti-aging skincare line. Her products offer natural means through ingredients used by the Native American peoples and specific plants/flowers native to California. 

Read more about Internabeauty and Kathleen here.

What is your daily beauty regimen beyond using your fabulous products? Is there a ritual you go through every morning? 
Kathleen's routine is serene and one to admire... She wakes up happily to the California sun without an alarm and begins her day in prayer. "It is so important with all that's going on in the world to maintain peace internally," she says.  Depending on the day, she'll begin by watching classic films or listen to Sinatra, Dean Martin, or Tony Bennett "for the soul." 

Kathleen then spends some time preparing a few beverages, each with their own benefits. Lemon water, "is so purifying and cleansing-not only to the skin but to the internal body as well, it helps the metabolism kick in, and helps flush out the liver." Next, her homemade veggie and fruit juices are one of her secrets to glowing skin. See recipe here. Lastly, her coffee beans are ground fresh every morning and is served in nothing but a porcelain coffee cup with a silver spoon. Kathleen then "greets the earth and surrounds herself with beauty, visually" by walking around her rose garden.

For breakfast, she recommends eating protein, as "it stimulates metabolism, adds to and strengthens our collagen- as does vitamin c." On the menu, usually eggs prepared differently but every once in a while she makes a special treat- scoop of whole milk organic cottage cheese, with a drizzle of raw honey on top and sprinkles toasted nuts.

If that doesn't sound enticing enough, her eucalyptus shower is one to swoon over. "I wash with my purifying gentle cleanser, my face, decollate and body because our skin doesn't stop at the neck! After my shower, I towel dry gently and apply Mineral-rich Balancing Hydrating Toner followed by my Nutrient- Rich Replenishing Creme." 

By now, she is ready and energized to write or take appointments. She incorporates many breaks throughout her day though and aims to finish her work by sunset! Like her morning cooking routine, the evening is no different- Kathleen enjoys the time she spends preparing her dinner! Food is just as important as skincare and she stresses the importance of preparing a nutrient rich and homemade meal! And just like that, it's bedtime, and "sleep is a must for me" and recommends at least 8 hours of sleep, she says. 

Since your collection is based on your Native American heritage and your interest in natural ingredients, what is the origin/history of those top five natural ingredients and how do they work on each person that uses Internabeauty?

"I chose all these specifically along with cosmeceutical additives like hyaluronic acids and peptides that are important for anti aging and youthful looking skin."

"Aloe works much like hyaluronic acid in its ability to hold a thousand times its weight in water, so it is essential for hydration. It is high in vitamin and mineral content and also quickly repairs cellular tissue. Chamomile remains the number one ingredient in helping to calm and heal any skin issues or irritation. It helps to balance and regulate the lipid barrier or ph of the skin. It's high in nutrients and can soften lines and wrinkles with its calming effect on the skin itself. Algae is anti aging, repairing, and nutrient rich. It has trace elements and amino acids found in the elastin of our skin. It is full of minerals and essential for beautiful healthy skin. Sage is antibacterial, healing to the skin, and helps maintain ph balance. It is also calming and is used so that much stronger ingredients can be added without side effects. Rosemary is an incredibly invigorating and stimulating ingredient used in skin care to help promote cell turnover and nourish the cells naturally."

What are the differences in skincare that apply to someone that's over the age of 55?
"The truth is once we turn 20 the clock begins to tick. Everything is preventative, as our collagen and elastin begin to deplete. The main thing is hydration and keeping the cells turning over which is what produces collagen and elastin- the foundation for our skin. No wrinkle or permanent bond can form in or on a soft and supple skin with a strong foundation."

What are five skin care tips for the HipSilver community that you recommend?
1. The most important thing I can say for this time of year especially is to run a humidifier, not only will it keep our skin hydrated, soft and supple as we have the heat blasting in the house, but it also serves in how we breathe and fight infection. Dehydrated skin cells turn over much slower causing dead skin cell buildup and hinders glow and a healthy clean skin. Every time cells turn over we stimulate collagen and elastin!

2. Because your skin is the largest organ of your body, it is important to nourish yourself inside and out. Healthy fats such as olive oils, coconut oils, omega oils, and all healthy fats as well as applying those topically via skincare. Invest in good skincare made with quality ingredients, after all it's the only skin you've got!

3. Do not place your face directly under the shower head!
The pressure and heat from the water can cause damage to the blood wall and cause broken capillaries (broken blood vessels.) It is also a shock to the skin's temperature and throws off its PH balance.

4. Exfoliate only about 4 times a week especially in winter. This is more than enough to remove dead skin cells without it stripping the skin of its nutrients and natural oils. Avoid things with harsh ingredients, scrubs, and glycolic acids. Shop Micro-derm Exfoliating Scrub here.

5. Get plenty of sleep and be sure to wash your face before heading to bed. This is the time when our pores open and our muscles relax and receive all that is on our face. That is why heavier nutrient rich night creams specify to be worn at night.

Can you recommend a regimen with your products and a three-step plan to get the HipSilver community excited about their skin and its daily upkeep to looking great inside and out?
Kathleen emphasizes that each person's ritual may vary from person to person and that part of the joy and fun is finding that for oneself! "More importantly you need to be aware of how you take care of yourself, what you say to yourself, what you take internally into your body and what you put on your skin." She recommends getting a full night's sleep, drinking lots of water, and using a cleanser, toner, exfoliator, and moisturizer!" If you need to really keep it simple, you should always at the very least use a good cleanser and nourish with moisturizer and your first words to yourself should always be positive and beautiful."

Kathleen's Final Tips:

• Sleep on a satin pillowcase to prevent wrinkles and to not irritate skin with any pressure.
• Use clear and detergent free soaps in winter for your clothes and lingerie to avoid skin irritation and allergic reactions.
• Make sure to wash and/or replace your face mask frequently and use extra moisture in the areas the mask bands lay and rub on the skin. This will prevent irritation, friction and scarring to the skin.
• Be sure to wipe down your cell phone or any phone for that matter with 70% alcohol frequently as bacteria can collect there and cause the skin to react once it touches your face.
• Sit in the sun daily if you can for 20 minutes for your dose of vitamin D which helps to strengthen muscles and our immune system and repairs our skin as well as helps us to absorb calcium.
• Cover your face with a scarf or wrap and do not go from extremes hot into cold temperatures as the skin can go into shock.