Sterling Silver Terry Moore, Founder and Chairman of BEACON40 by BRIGHT

Introduction by Gail Bruce

Terry Moore is truly a Sterling Silver.  After an illustrious career in management consulting and public speaking – his TED talks have attracted ten million views and are in the top 20 most translated talks in the world, Terry stepped away from his retirement to focus his attention on the love of his life – his wife.  Seven years ago, she began a decline into memory loss and was eventually diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease.  As the Founder of the Radius Foundation, dedicated to exploring and understanding dissimilar conceptual systems, Terry was not about to take this turn of events for his wife without understanding it and investigating what could be done.  

There is NO cure.  The only ray of hope was the new advancements taking place in light therapy.  Terry jumped in with both feet and after much research into the science of these advancements he was so intrigued he hired scientists and designers to create a 40Hz pulsating light, this frequency is known to improve sleep, mental acuity, memory, and attention. The BEACON40 produced by BRIGHT is now a flicker of hope for those suffering from cognitive decline.

Terry Moore is a Silver making Sterling advances in helping to slow the advancement of mental decline.  Please meet Terry Moore. 


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