The holiday season is right around the corner, and we are thinking about fun ways to present charcuterie, cheese to a Halloween candy grab and go display. We're all aware that entertaining and seeing family and friends safely will be top of mind. We like to make it creative. These examples inspire many mini setups when you have a socially distant cocktail party or if you're entertaining your family tribe. It's fun to create an edible display and personalize your party by showing a little extra care. 

While charcuterie (pronounced shar-COO-tur-ree) technically refers only to a selection of cold cooked meats, it's usually inclusive of a broad supporting cast of cheeses, spreads, crackers, nuts, and produce. The best aspect of charcuterie boards is the flexibility they afford: Scale portions up or down depending on the number of guests, adjust ingredients for dietary needs and preferences, or shop for foods within a specific color palette or region... Better Homes and Gardens offers videos and resources for you to be creative!