Let's start celebrating the season with lights, wreaths and family traditions for your own mental health

With the holidays around the corner and most of us spending a lot of time working from home, the recommendation is that holiday decorating raises all of our spirits. We're firm believers that decorating your home creates fun and nostalgic feelings that can last the entire month. We love everything from a DIY projects, putting up outdoor wreaths, planning 

Hanukkah celebrations, decorating cookies, and potentially a little holiday music in the background to help keep upbeat moods this season.

The stress and anxiety caused by 2020 is no secret and people seem to be coping as best they can: many with the help of a little holiday decor.

But does all the seasonal glitter create a false sense of happiness or do the holidays really cheer us up? According to research, the holiday spirit really does brighten our mood, and the simple reasons why can actually be used to help lift our attitude and mental health all year round.
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