Astrological Insights for Capricorn / January

A Few Words about Capricorn

You were born to be in charge, my dear Capricorn. You know what you want out of life, and you’re willing to work your tail off to get it. You’ll persevere when others drop out of the race; you’re patient when others lose their cool. There’s almost nothing you can’t achieve, provided you believe hard enough and keep your balance. You have the capacity to inspire trust, loyalty, and constancy in those who rely on you, in work, in the family, or in love. The only trouble with all that is you often shoulder the burdens of all those who think you hung the Moon.

By the way, underneath all that authoritative, hardworking confidence, there’s a deep love of family, home, hearth, and all that signifies the past, be it people or antiquities. The trouble is you appear so cool and self-contained it throws people off-track before they uncover the romantic who lies within. Of course, that’s just the way you want it, dear, deep Capricorn, as you don’t relish anyone however well-meaning, who treads on your personal boundaries.

Earth to Capricorn

You are Cardinal Earth, the earthiest of all the earth signs, and that’s a powerful energy to embody. Interestingly, it’s also one that’s full of surprises.

You have a dry, intelligent wit that can catch people who thought you humorless way off-guard. And, that isn’t your only secret for few realize the amorous, playful nature that hides beneath your show of propriety.

Now for the good news: the second half of your life is infinitely easier, better, and more fulfilled than the first half. You are the only sign of the zodiac in which the Fall and Winter of life are always sunnier and sweeter than the Spring and Summer .

Tradition holds that Capricorns spend the first half of their lives amassing substance and security so they can spend the second half enjoying life to the fullest, an enviable future to look forward to.

This is a great gift, of course, because it means you’ll thoroughly enjoy the fruits of all your youthful labors at an age when you’ve learned what life is really all about

Capricorn Insights for December/January

This is a perfect month to set your strategy for 2019. Any decisions made this December and January are most likely astute enough to propel you on to the right path for success.

Use your quiet time over the holidays (and yes, you will find some!) to meditate and cogitate because your intuition is in high gear and you can be immensely creative about your future. The New Moon Eclipse on January 5 promises changes both exciting and dramatic. A thrilling new path may open up, and the adventure of following it can be very advantageous.

Stay flexible, listen to your own instincts, and keep an ear out for someone behind the scenes who is pushing you forward and believing in you while remaining anonymous. Your health is getting a boost, and whatever setbacks you’ve faced recently are now in your rearview. If you have a contract to sign, do it on the 21st.

Best days:   20, 21 Challenging days: 22,31

December Insights for the Rest of the Zodiac


January 21 to February 19

Your ideas are clear and sharp now. You pretty much know what you want to achieve, and the wind is at your back, pushing you toward achieving it. Social opportunities are great for you so don’t miss a party or a meet-and-greet this season. You will instinctively know who it is you need to connect with to make opportunities happen in just the right way. Partnerships are dazzling for you now, so don’t be afraid to listen to wise counsel from those you trust.

Truth is, things are looking quite rosy on so many levels right now; maybe you should buy a lottery ticket or at least make three wishes! Hey, you never know.

Best days: 7,8,9 Challenging days: 21,22



February 20 to March 20

You’re pretty much golden at the moment, my dear Piscean. Just promise me you’ll check in with your body from time to time as you’ve been pushing the envelope and it deserves a break. That said, you still should network, network, and network more, this Christmas season. That’s not a job you love, but right now is the time to meet those who can help your dreams come true, so get a move on! You’re definitely climbing the ladder in 2019; don’t be afraid of the next rung. You need to be bolder than your usual self now because the Universe helps those who help themselves and it has your best interest in mind this month.

Best days: 10, 11 Challenging days:  23, 24



March 21 to April 20

In January, aim for the stars and believe you have the right stuff to get there! You’ve been feeling overwhelmed and underwater, but that’s not now! Stoke the fire and be assured it won’t burn out. Your flame is lit BIGTIME and your inner oomph has returned. Yes, you’ll be working hard, but what’s new about that? You do that on autopilot and right now you’re ready to take charge and charge ahead. You deserve to succeed and the odds are with you for 2019, so why not go for the gold? You have every reason to believe you’ll get it.

Best days:  12, 13, 14 Challenging days: 25



April 21 to May 21

Generous you is busy being called on to help somebody or some cause, and that’s fine as long as you are working toward shared ideals and shared rewards. You’re powerful and resourceful as well as good-hearted. A great many resources are available to you at the moment, so take some time to determine the direction you wish to head toward. Then use that purposeful stubbornness of yours to get to the goal you’ve set. This is a good month for making hay while the sun shines, just as long as you look at things carefully and don’t just wander into blind optimism.

Best days: 15, 16 Challenging days: 1, 27, 28



May 22 to June 21

You probably should trust your instincts on investing this month, even if that feels a little bit unlike you and makes you twitchy. If you feel the need to discuss decisions (and you probably will), by all means do so, but don’t hand off your own power to anyone else right now. Counseling is fine; usurping your power is not. You can comfortably make own your own choices this month and feel good about them. Not to worry, your usual cheering section will be encouraging you from the sidelines, and they’ll be quite right to do so.

Best days: 17,18                   Challenging days: 2, 3, 4, 29, 30, 31



June 22 to July 22

You’ve had a lot to put up with this year, but take heart! 2019 is a whole other ballgame. Career is especially blessed, and finance takes a big turn for the better; Love is also highlighted. However, when the Sun,New Moon, Saturn, Pluto and Mercury all impact your House of Partnership, you may have to make a big decision. The good news is that January with its Solar Eclipse on the 5th will bring clarity about choices swiftly, and you haven’t had that in a while. Jupiter, the planet that brings goodies and blessings, is impacting the part of your chart that increases good luck. You’ll be wildly busy, but not in 12 years have you had this much opportunity for success; don’t waste a minute.  

Best days: 19, 20 Challenging days: 5, 6  



July 23 to August 23

Shine your dazzling light in to both work and play this month, dear Leo. Even if it’s a bit of a challenge to figure out how to do all you feel called to do the 1st month of the Newest Year, you’ll have seemingly cosmic insights about how to make it all happen so you can fulfill all the promises and still have fun. Don’t forget to make those New Year’s Resolutions, too. This year you may actually have a shot at making most of them happen!

Best days: 21, 22   Challenging days:  7,8,9



August 24 to September 23

Great news! Do something you really want to do this month and money will follow! Be brave as you plant the seeds of the future. As long as you do what feels good and instinctual through most of this coming year, it will probably come to fruition. When you are just stuck in the rut of obligations, your forward energy fizzles and you put out your own flame. No need for that this month, my dear. 2019 is starting off showing you lots of fresh ways to monetize your ideas.

Best: 23, 24 Challenging: 10, 11



September 24 to October 23

You can be productive working from home this month if you so choose; you might want to think about how that could work for you. You always seek balance (you even, occasionally, find it!), but it may feel hard to do that at the moment because you have an intense yearning for independence beyond the ordinary. I suggest you dream about what you want and need your life to be, then capture those dreams by writing them down. It may be easier to sort out priorities that way, so you can focus your considerable energies on following your very best path to freedom.

      Best days:   25, 26                   Challenging days: 12, 13, 14



October 24 to November 22

Feeling uncharacteristically optimistic at the moment? Good for you! Write down all your ideas and be obsessive about your goals; now’s the time for it. The more ambitious your dreams and desires are, the more of your powerful psychic energy you’ll put behind making them come true! You operate intuitively beneath the surface of everything, and, this month, your instincts have the power to drive you in the right direction and help you make the right decisions once you get there.

Best days: 1, 27, 28 Challenging days: 15, 16



November 23 to December 22

You’re probably feeling frisky and very good about yourself. That’s lovely and perfectly understandable, but you do have to keep an eye on not overdoing everything in your happy exuberance. Perhaps you could concentrate on your creative genius right now and create some solid income in the New Year from your great ideas. You’re in excellent shape to do that. You may have to try to find a balance between all-or-nothing in your everyday choices but 2019 shows signs of starting off with the promise of very good things to come!

Best days:  2, 3, 4, 29, 30, 31         Challenging days:  17, 18

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