Astrological Insights for Sagittarius / December

A Few Words about Sagittarius

The exuberant you has an endless capacity to celebrate all the miracles you’ve invited into your life. You’re lucky, you know that already; with benevolent Jupiter as your ruling sign, you can believe in yourself and feel no surprise if the world believes along with you.

Yet, your nature is more complex than it seems, dear Sagittarius. You may look fun-loving and uncomplicated to the casual observer, but the glyph for your sign isn’t half-human, half-animal for no reason. Most times, your straightforward, honorable nature shoots idealistically for the stars, but there are plenty of tugs from your sensual animal appetites to remind you just how human you are.

People see you as the hale-fellow-well-met, don’t they? Happy, joyous, frank, and friendly. Great at sports and generous with both money and self. What they may not be aware of – because it’s a secret you get a kick out of keeping – is that your deeply spiritual side seeks truth and justice with the unswerving instinct of a truffle-hound on the scent. And while you may seem all about fun and games, there’s a lot more depth of field to you than you care to let on. More, in fact, than you find easy to cope with.

Duality of Desires

Your Sun Sign’s symbol of the elegant Centaur has you pegged to a “T” – the human half shoots ambitiously for the outer reaches of the galaxy while the animal half wants to wallow in earthly delights. Despite your high ideals and genuine commitment to truth and altruism, you often succumb to the call of the wild and, when you do, you couldn’t care less about consequences because freedom is the only thing you simply cannot live without.

Sagittarius This December

You know how much you love celebrating generous excess in all its delightful forms, so you’re in for a month full of just such largesse! You may even need to dial it all back just a little, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun this December, especially if you don’t get too caught up in family friction and the confusing signals about love that may add a small Grinch-note to the Season.

Even more than usual, you feel personally independent and have the urge to live life on your own terms. Your health and energy are high and, with Jupiter in your sign, the biggest thing you have to worry about is over-indulgence in goodies and the good life! You’re beginning a whole new chapter in the New Year and your creative vision is revving up for that. People see you as successful this month (and you feel it too) so take advantage of this perception as the Sun enters your money house on the 21st and makes it stronger than ever. You may want to take a step back, hit the road for the holidays, or just chill a bit as 2019 will provide plenty to keep you hopping.

            Best days:  6, 7                                           Challenging days: 20, 21

December Insights for the Rest of the Zodiac


December 22 to January 20

You’re feeling mellower than usual about the holidays. Not feeling pressure to make it all perfect, just a happy sense that by cutting your To-Do list in half, you’ll have more fun and still have a great holiday season. Think of this as the coming of joy and wisdom simultaneously! Your health is better than last month, you’re feeling spiritual, and your love life is pretty stable. All in all, you can have a lovely and love-filled Holiday Season of happy-home-and-hearth-times. The 22nd brings a milestone and a sharper focus on the business of life, but, for now, you may actually find yourself enjoying fantasies and fun even more than the joy of making money!

Best days: 8, 9, 10                     Challenging days:  22, 23


January 21 to February 19

You might have a wish come true early in December, not a huge wish, mind you, but an important and personal one that could really make your heart happy. Finances require a bit more work, but if you put in the effort, the results can be excellent. Career is active and productive and your family is on your side this month, supporting all the hours you devote to success. Friends are abundant and well-intending and relationships are on the upswing. This is not so much a month of romance as it is a month of feeling the love around you in a comforting, new way. Nurture your personal and professional relationships as they set you up for a profitable New Year.

Best days: 11, 12                       Challenging days:  22, 23 


February 20 to March 20

Trust yourself! This is your month to be you and be rewarded for it. New opportunities and directions open up and whoosh you into territory you’ve dreamed of exploring. A month when easy-peasy works like a charm. You’ll be both dreamer and doer as Mars, in your sign, gives you oomph, courage, energy, and a ‘can do’ spirit you haven’t felt in a while. Social contacts are important, so network and go to those holiday parties you’ve been planning to avoid. Your likability is as important as your skills right now, so let it shine and you’ll reap the rewards, especially after the 22nd when a formerly suffocating situation lets you finally breathe easier and you head into a remarkable winning streak.

Best days:  13, 14, 15                 Challenging days: 27, 28 


March 21 to April 20

Life is fast paced and then, annoyingly, seems put on pause – and this may happen more than once this month. But not to worry. Even if you feel pushed and pulled by fate, you’re headed in the right direction. There may be revelatory dreams or travel coming your way. Finances should get a little less hectic. Your love life is good and erotic, so you can enjoy the playtime as well as the work time (just keep a weather eye out for jealousy rearing its head). On the 21st, the Sun crosses your mid-heaven and you enter a career peak for the year. There will be both career and social opportunities this month, so try to enjoy both the work and the fruits of your labors. Mars, in your sign, gives a shot of adrenaline and obstacles begin to clear mid-month, so possibilities appear on the horizon and you have the desire and stamina to take advantage of them.

Best days: 16, 17                   Challenging days: 1, 2, 3, 29, 30 


April 21 to May 21

If disruptions from outside sources are a pain in the neck this month, try to stop them from generating anxiety; they’re just delays, not derailments. But, there are so many good things to celebrate this Season, especially in your love life where Venus is working her magic, so go with it and enjoy all the delights and comforts of love that are so dear to a Taurean heart! Your social confidence is high and happy, then when Mercury goes direct on the 6th, it allows your usual financial savvy to return to high gear. On the 21st, when the Sun enters your 9th House, there may be travels to foreign places or perhaps your Higher Mind may travel in the cosmos to bring back great, new ideas. This Holiday Season, you can break through barriers and have a grand time doing it.

Best days:  18, 19                           Challenging days:  4, 5, 31 


May 22 to June 21

You may be feeling twitchy this month and not know why. If you’re feeling more like a raw nerve than usual, it isn’t anything to be paranoid about; it’s just one of those moments when you and the world are on High E and the planet’s vibratory rate plucks the strings of your nervous system. So take heart! Career and love are in full focus and well-aspected. Venus may boost your career on the 20th and 21st as she makes great aspects to Neptune. Be bold and more aggressive than usual as Mars rouses you to go for the gold, especially in partnerships and close connections. You’re feeling ambitious and could receive rewarding financial developments around the 22nd’s Full Moon.

Best days:  20, 21                           Challenging days: 6, 7


June 22 to July 22

Your ‘happy switch’ has felt off for a while, hasn’t it, my dear Cancerian? Now, you’re looking for a jump-start into joy, and that’s just what December has to offer you. You love family and the holidays; you love to cook and nurture and wrap and decorate and, best of all, 2019 has far greater joys in store for you than 2018 had, and that’s the best holiday present of all!

You’ll be working and playing hard this month and finances are definitely on the upswing. Who you know is more important this month than what you know, so let that lovable, generous personality shine like the lights on the tree and you’ll reap big rewards in 2019. You have the capacity to both dazzle people and let them know your kindness is genuine, so they can respond with enthusiasm and largesse of their own. After the 22nd, you may be gratified to see that your 2018 achievements were noticed after all.

Best days:  22, 23                           Challenging days:  8, 9, 10 


July 23 to August 23

Ditch the burdens, obligations, and duties you hate this December. Revel in the good times, laughter, and large-life you love. ‘Tis the season to be a joyous, benevolent ruler over all you survey. Mercury goes direct on December 6th and finances get clearer as family connections bring gains of some sort into play.

Health and energy are supercharged and your sex drive is in high gear too. Children and children figures in your life have a super-year ahead, and you’ll find you have the stamina, patience, and desire to make the most of all these family ties. About the only caveats for this December are to hold the line on self-indulgence and on spending, and, with lusty Mars in play, be sure to find time for indulging your vibrant love life.

Best days:  24, 25, 26                 Challenging days: 11, 12


August 24 to September 23

You may feel like ranting and throwing a tiny tantrum in December, but you’re far too rational for that; so, you’re at a Mexican stand-off with yourself! Hot blooded Mars is not only super-charging your sex-life, its making the rest of life feel spicier than usual too. So, I suggest you avoid family or career confrontations and just punch a pillow, whack a wall with an encounter bat, or yell at the top of your lungs where no one will hear but you! You’ll feel better when you let off enough steam to thoroughly enjoy the holidays. This is a month for psychological breakthroughs that will serve you well in 2019 and the New Moon on the 7th will probably repair any old fractures you’ve been worried about. Odds are, you’ll be feeling great by the 22nd.

Best:  27, 28                               Challenging:  13, 14, 15


September 24 to October 23

You’ve hit the ground running! You want to take the world by storm and turn it all upside down till it meets your standard. You are intellectually at a peak, and the next 12 months of Jupiter in your Third House is enough to make you giddy!

Take a breath and hold your horses, dear Libra. All that super-powered energy is hard to contain and bulldozing doesn’t look good on you; charm, warmth, and kindness will get you far more of what you really want for the holly-days and beyond. All this 3rd House energy can be overstimulating and bills can get out of control if you’re not careful, so try to maintain an even keel.

After all, your love life is dandy this month. Count those blessings! Also, your communications skills are spectacular, so end of the year career pitches could pay dividends.


October 24 to November 22

Surprise everyone, including yourself, by being laid-back, content, and tolerant this holiday season. You can feel safe and sound detaching from the sturm und drang for a month and just enjoying the people, places, presents, and possibilities this season has in store for you. Magnetizing Venus is shining a spotlight on you, attracting just the right attention. Personal reinvention is going on beneath the surface too, and you are learning to make discriminating choices, not just the usual wary ones your mysterious and vigilant side so often demands. There will be a second wind for a pet project and a second chance for romance; so, if you play your cards right, dear Scorpio, you may have a holiday to remember.

Best days:  4, 5                           Challenging days:  18, 19, 20


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