Astrological Insights for Aquarius / February


January 21 – February 19


Ruling Planet                       Uranus (Saturn)

Energy:                                  Fixed

Element:                               Air

Symbol:                                 The Water Carrier

Strength:                               Cerebral, inventiveness

Spirit:                                      Original, brilliant, uncomplicated, detached

Keywords:                            Humanitarian, unpredictable, scientific,


Soul message:                    “I rule”


A Few Words about Aquarius

You’re probably the hardest sign of the Zodiac for others to figure out, dear Aquarius. You Water-bearers are the mental pioneers, the philanthropists, and the visionaries already living with one foot in the future-world. Yet, you tend to be closer to your vision and work than to people, and you often lose yourself in the freedom your soul demands. Thus, you ultimately stand alone.

Truth is, you’re quite intellectually elite in your thinking. Far out there…beyond the edge…way outside the box. However, you couch it; you’re not ordinary, and you’re certainly not average. You tinker with the unknowable and don’t believe in hanging onto old, outworn ideas, values, equipment, definitions, or even people.

Your ideals are grandiose and often extraordinary. Save the world, save the galaxy, save the spotted owl…causes excite you as long as they’re large and likely to change something dramatically. 

It’s said that you’d rather have a full mind than a full stomach – and, in truth, creature comforts are not all that much of an issue for you. Intellect is. You admire truth and genuine intellectual curiosity.  You abhor injustice, superficiality, and boredom. 


You’re Out There

Your detractors accuse you of detachment and, indeed, this is both your weakness and your strength, for not only does the usual sticky-stuff of human relationships disinterest you quite a bit, but you barely know it’s there. Your best love tends to be given to humankind at large rather than to one individual human, but, if you do fall deeply in love, it’s generally because you’ve discovered an intellectual attraction too strong for you to walk away from. Whatever the reason you finally fall, you will never allow yourself to be fully possessed by another no matter how crazy you are about your beloved. Nor would you dream of wanting to possess for your innate sense of freedom wouldn’t find either possessing or being processed an acceptable way to live.

You cannot be captured or restrained any more than the force of electricity or electromagnetism can, yet you’re a superb organizer who can use your iconoclasm to forge new trails and invent entire new systems or new ways of being that ultimately give a gift to everyone. Paradoxical, yes? And intellectually intriguing, which is right up your alley. 

Aquarius This February

You’re realizing YOU are the secret to your success and that you are currently on a lucky streak. Don’t resent the shakeups along the way, please. They’re part and parcel of a time in your life when a truly banner year demands an out-with-the-old attitude to make room for the new. You’ve been itching to scratch your need for freedom and here it comes in spades! You’re entering seven years of Uranus (your Ruler) in Taurus. Any outdated perceptions you’re holding onto are headed out the window, so brilliant new ideas have room to fly in! After February 14th, Mars may be remaking your 4th house of domesticity. Patience is the key.

            Best days:  3, 4, 5                                       Challenging days: 17, 18


January Insights for the Rest of the Zodiac


February 20 to March 20

You’ll be feeling lighter this month as a highly emotional cycle reaches a conclusion. You also may find out-of-body experiences are an unexpected addition to your cosmic/spiritual repertoire! Your psychic senses are in highest gear, so trust your insights and go with your gut. There’s a big change coming for you – the ground under your feet (never too steady because you always have one foot in the Cosmos) feels shaky as Uranus will enter Taurus and disturb the status quo to make room for surprising and brilliant strides that help you be the real you. 2019 will be a year you’ll never forget as Pluto helps you transmute, transform, and transcend. Saturn helps ground you, and Neptune helps you make sense of yourself! Your faith in yourself will reach an all-time high this year, so don’t be afraid to reach for your biggest dreams.

Best days:  6, 7                            Challenging days:  19, 20


March 21 to April 20

Your courage, your resilience, and your hunches all serve you well this year, and January 2019 has you hitting the road running. When Mars enters Taurus on February 14, a shift can take place that may stun you until you see that taking concrete action now will set the stage for visible results leading to abundance later this year. Lean in to projects that excite you, then fasten your seat-belt!

You may feel overwhelmed by your To Do list right now, but hang in there. Now’s the time to stay the course, even if you feel stuck and exhausted – there are considerable rewards ahead. It takes time to get your big dreams in place, and you have an inpatient nature, so try to stay calm and carry on. You can break through barriers in late February.

Best days:  4, 5, 9, 10, 26, 27    Challenging days: 21, 22, 24, 25


April 21 to May 21

You probably feel restless. You want to take a step back from work and responsibility to find some personal freedom. February will feel happier…less overwhelmed than recent months. Your focus is on yourself, and you may find a whole new direction opening up that surprises you. There is change in the air and a major turning point on the horizon as Uranus shakes things up a bit and your comfort zone has to adjust. Healing can happen through creativity, study, and travel. There’s renewed energy on the way that can help you complete some old projects and help new career decisions emerge. You’re more volatile than usual, so just resist being the bull in the china shop and you’ll do fine in February.

Best days:  11, 12                        Challenging days:  23, 24, 25


May 22 to June 21

Whoopie! Your bounce is back and you feel like yourself again. You’re in high-gear and liking the feel of that. This isn’t a month to take risks, but it is a month to re-evaluate possibilities. A month to be mentally stimulated but not to commit to long term plans. Want to travel to Machu Pichu or try Tarot Reading on a whim? Do it. Explore what pleases you because that’s what revs up your engine. Invest in yourself and learn something new that intuitively calls to you. Your often-over-busy brain will appreciate not being required to multi-task until it feels in the mood for that. You can be a little frivolous early in the months because after the 18th, when the Sun illuminates your creativity and leadership, you’ll be taking charge of your world again.

Best days:  4, 5, 9, 10                       Challenging days:  26, 27


June 22 to July 22

You want to make your mark and push to the finish line those important projects you’ve been working on so diligently – you also want to just relax and pull the covers up over your head! A bit of a conflict.  But, this month you can distract yourself from your “just get it done” fatigue with love of family, friends, a significant other, pressing onward (you’re good at this), and good career surprises. Self-evaluation is happening, in case you haven’t noticed. You may actually have a shocking new insight that says you’re ready to turn your life around and create a whole new start! You’re shifting priorities, and it will turn out to be a good thing…just a bit of a surprise. Try not to lose your temper in the process. Finances should get better soon so don’t let anybody rain on your parade.

Best days:  15, 16                        Challenging days:  1, 2, 28


July 23 to August 23

Focus on finance and practical needs as you’re at your best with these this month – and you feel it! At the top of your game, you’re a world beater and people notice. This February, you’ll feel optimistic and be able to intuit the difference between approval and love. Under your sunshiny surface, deep things are bubbling up that will demand attention next month, so get ready for great things to happen.  You feel a shift of consciousness coming, so just let it percolate for now and, if any unresolved issues come up that you can get off your plate easily, do so – just don’t feel obliged to tackle the bigger ones now, as you’ll have more info about how to do that productively next month. Fiery Mars will sizzle your career zone from Valentine’s Day to the end of the month, so both sex and business should be enhanced and happy.

Best days:  17, 18                        Challenging days:  3, 4, 5


August 24 to September 23

You need to have realistic expectations about yourself and others this month. You tend to worry about fixing everything and everybody but, this month, you’d be better off relaxing your critical faculties and giving yourself a bit of pampering so you can be surprised by the practical insights that bubble up when you let the worries go. Fine-tune your body with some alternative relaxation techniques…stop trying to understand why everybody seems fogbound and cranky this month…February is just a notoriously dull and dreary month, so use its dullness to take a bit of a breather from your perfection obsession. Creative compromises get easier after the 18th, so take it easier than usual through Valentine’s Day and then get back in the race.

Best:  19, 20                                Challenging:  6, 7


September 24 to October 23

You can’t change everything at once, so this could be the perfect month to embrace the fact that change is coming, honor the experiences of the past, be kind to yourself about the choices you’ve made, and know that any course-corrections needed will soon be forthcoming. 2019 feels more benevolent than last year did, so, if a partner’s outburst stuns you, try not to let it become a blow-out. This too shall pass. Relationships are tricky for you this month, but next month will bring more clarity, so listen to what’s being said with an open mind (but listen to yourself as well!) Saturn is pressuring you, but your star is rising and you’ll be noticed.

Best days:  21, 22                        Challenging days:  8, 9, 10


October 24 to November 22

You’re focusing inward now. You’re trying to think through last month’s shakeups, but more deep feelings than deep thoughts are catching you off guard. Don’t just go inward now (as it’s so natural for you to do that as your default setting). You need those you love and respect to give perspective to your soul-searching right now. They have important insights to add to your quest for understanding of why you feel as you do. Some of the answers you need aren’t ready to be revealed yet. This is a moment for deep self-healing and your own wise soul; plus, the love of those who care about and admire you will bring clarity when the time is right. It might help if you write some prose or poetry about your feelings – some of which may even surprise you.


Best days:  23, 24, 25                   Challenging days:  11, 12


November 22 to December 22

Your inner joy is back! Your charm, optimism, and lightheartedness are showering sunshine on everyone you know. All’s dandy (for you and your loved ones), but this euphoria can also make you a spendthrift, so please tighten the purse strings a little until you calm down a bit. Your creative fire is burning brightly, and the efforts you made in January pay off in the second half of February as a benevolent angel offers a new opportunity in career that you should embrace with enthusiasm.

Try to stay positive and tolerant as the month progresses – this may not be as easy as it usually is for you - so, when you’re feeling a bit testy, just pause a beat, remember just how good life is for you in most major areas, and say thank you to the benevolent Universe for letting you be born a Sagittarius this time round!

Best days:  26, 27                        Challenging days:  13, 14


December 23 to January 20

Work feels good again! Your plans that were delayed have clearer sailing now, and that makes you feel benevolent toward the world again. You’re in fine form when work goes well, and new ideas are surfacing about re-structuring yourself and your life. Epiphanies and new ways to increase earnings will cheer you enormously at work, but home and family may feel a bit neglected as your focus is committed to bringing home the bacon. Try to understand that they’re not trying to derail your juggernaut (I know you feel it’s protecting their interests, too). They just miss you! New paths are opening up, and both Mars and Venus are heating up your love life, so enjoy, enjoy!

Best days:  1, 2, 28                      Challenging days:  15, 16



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